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Hall's Harbour Panorama

This panoramic image consists of several hundred high-resolution images resulting in a 1.5 gigapixel image. Zoom in and enjoy!

Hall's Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
Hall's Harbour is a little fishing village on Nova Scotias Bay of Fundy coast. Hall's Harbour is reputedly named after Samuel Hall, an American privateer in the American Revolution who used the cove to raid settlements in the Annapolis Valley but was forced to flee and abandon his ship in the harbour by pursuing militia in 1779. The harbour was first settled in 1826 with the first wharf built in 1836. In later years, legend held that Hall left treasure behind, attracting treasure hunters who have left abandoned pits deep in the woods surrounding the harbour. A notable early resident was Ransford Bucknam a local mariner whose 19th century career took him all over the world including a post as an admiral in the Turkish Navy.
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