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Digby Wharf Rat Rally

This is Atlantic Canada's largest motorcycle rally with well over 20,000 bikes expected. Check this camera over the next few days.

Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Wharf Rat Rally was originally conceived as a free event bringing together riders of all types in a family-friendly environment. It begins the Wednesday prior to Labour Day Weekend and continues for five action-packed days. The event was co-founded by Alex Joannides and Peter Robertson in 2005 and saw just a small gathering of motorcycles meet in Digby. From there, the Wharf Rat Rally has continued to grow, attracting bigger names and more bikes and people. It is now comprised of over 30 smaller events with entertainers and builders brought in from near and far. As they enjoy music and races, dancers and stunters, participants are encouraged to make a donation to help guarantee future rallies.

The heart of the rally is the central core of the Town of Digby which offers both a central meeting place and access to the Bay of Fundy on the Digby Wharf. Events take advantage of both the streetscape and the water and include music, vendors, raffles, watersport demonstrations, and guided tours.

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