Mahone Bay

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Mahone Bay


Facing Southwest - Webcam courtesy of Tradewinds Realty, Mahone Bay. The three famous churches of Mahone Bay.


The town of Mahone Bay is located on the northwest shore of the Mahone Bay and belongs to the Lunenburg County.

Across the harbour you can see the three prominent churches: St James’ Anglican; St John’s Evangelical Lutheran; and Trinity United. Mahone Bay has a rich history and is known for his wooden boat building, which was the main industry in earlier years.

Mahone Bay is a superb example of a town that has evolved with the centuries. Throughout our town, well maintained, century-old houses and buildings bear witness to the founders’ legacy. Many are now Bed & Breakfasts, art studios, artisans’ shops and eclectic boutiques, restaurants and cafés, all embracing that spirit of quality workmanship and service.


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