Santa's Reindeer Cam

Baddeck, Cape Breton


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Santa's Reindeer Cam


Facing Southeast - Victoria County Visitor Information Centre. Sponsored by BABTA, Lynwood Inn and Festiville Baddeck


Santa and his reindeer will come alive every evening at 5 pm Atlantic Time. Don’t miss it online or in person. The 32-foot live motion display is now in its 7th year. The creator JP Asaph and his band of happy helpers assemble and set-up Santa for everyone to enjoy during the holidays. The community of Baddeck is always supportive, and thanks to everyone, we can prominently feature the beloved display at the Victoria County Visitor Information Centre, 454 Chebucto Street. The Baddeck Santa has visitors from far and wide. We invite you to our community this holiday season to see Santa and his reindeer. 2020 is Santa’s first year online, although Rudolph helped him during past years, Santa needs help this year from everyone to follow the rules so he can deliver all the gifts safely.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

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