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Wolfville Dykelands

One of the best locations to experience the magnitude of water being moved in the Bay of Fundy. Camera courtesy of Old Orchard Inn & Spa, Wolfville.

Old Orchard Inn & Spa, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
This view looks into the Eastern section of Annapolis Valley where the Bay Of Fundy ends in the Minas Basin. The background features Cape Blomidon, the North mountain side of the Valley, with the Wolfville Dykelands and the Cornwallis River in front of the community Port Williams. The camera is located at the Old Orchard Inn Spa & Conference Centre which is a full season resort property. Featuring 100 guestrooms, seasonal cottages, indoor swimming pool, two panoramic dining rooms, lounge, sundeck and tennis courts.
The Town of Wolfville, home of Acadia University and the academic and cultural hub of the Annapolis Valley, is an environment rich in the arts, food and dining, history and heritage, festivals and events.
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