Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie

Mavillette Beach


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Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie



Nova Scotia’s first Gran Fondo cycling event


The Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie will appeal to those looking to ride for fun, for good health and to take on a personal challenge, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery in a safe environment. Although a timed event, this is more of a selfpaced fun group event, rather than a race.

The Gran Fondo offers three rides: a 117 km Gran loop, the 35 km Piccolo Fondo, as well as a 67 km Medio Fondo loop. Riders will navigate rolling inland roads, passing by towering wooden churches along the panoramic coastal route that hugs beautiful Saint Mary’s Bay.

The Gran Fondo is an annual event:
2016: September 24-25
2017: September 23-24.


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