Macdonald Bridge

Alderney Gate, Dartmouth


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Macdonald Bridge


Alderney Gate, Dartmouth


Facing West - This camera overlooks the parking lot at Alderney Gate, Alderney Landing Marina with the Macdonald Bridge in the background.


The Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, locally known as “the old bridge” is a suspension bridge crossing Halifax Harbour and connects Dartmouth and the Halifax Peninsula in the Halifax Regional Municipality. It is named after the former premier of Nova Scotia, Angus L. Macdonald, who had died in 1954 and had been instrumental in having the bridge built. The bridge was designed by Phillip Pratley. The bridge is open to motor vehicles as well as for pedestrian and bicycle. The bridge has a total length of 1.3 kilometres, a height of 102.9 metres, a width of 11.5 metres and to longest span is about 441 metres.


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