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Nova Scotia Webcams is a real-time, virtual window to your favourite places in in Nova Scotia, Canada. Ralf Pickart, a.k.a. the Webcam Guy, built NS Webcams from 25 cameras in 2009 to more than 75 panoramic webcams across Nova Scotia.

Contrary to popular belief, Nova Scotia Webcams is not supported by the provincial government. Some of our webcams are sponsored by local businesses however the majority are not funded except through some advertising on our website.

Even with the 75 cameras we currently have, there are many other regions in Nova Scotia that deserve their own webcams. We have a few ideas (along the Eastern Shore, parts of Cape Breton or on the Northumberland Shore) but we also want to know where you would like to see a webcam.

We have started a Patreon campaign to give our fans and regular users an opportunity to partner with us to support their favourite webcams and the work we do. You can also participate in growing our webcam presence in Atlantic Canada.

We have two main funding goals:

  1. We would like to grow our webcam presence by installing and supporting several new Patreon-funded cameras.
  2. Eventually, we would would like to hire a software programmer to improve the website, develop mobile apps and help maintain our back-end systems.

Your “Patreon dollars” will go towards necessary expenses such as new camera equipment, installation costs, software development, server infrastructure and web traffic fees. And of course a steady supply of coffee and pizza.

We’d like to thank all our patrons for their contributions:

  • Diana Kolo
  • Robert Smith
  • Valerie Awad
  • Margo Perry
  • Fiona Sanders
  • Charles Goodall
  • Jonathan Desprey
  • Victor Jackson
  • Jo-Anne Galloway
  • Anita Louise Martinez
  • David T. Roberts
  • Jeff Rogerson
  • Rob Philip
  • Lynn Hilchey
  • Stephen Wynn ... and many others who asked to remain anonymous.

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