Killam's Wharf


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Killam's Wharf



Facing West - Yarmouth celebrates our connection with the sea along the revitalized waterfront for the benefit of visitors and generations to come.


Killam’s Wharf and Marina is located on the former lands of the Killam Brothers Shipping Office. Established in 1788 by John Killam, the family owned business prospered 203 years and five generations of the Killam family. Through the 19th century Yarmouth was a major shipbuilding centre, at one point boasting more tonnage per capita than any other port in the world. Yarmouth ships were found in every major port in the world including ships noted for courageous crews such as the ship Research (1861) and ships noted for great size such as the ship County of Yarmouth (1884), one of the largest wooden ships ever built in Canada.


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