Lockeport Crescent Beach

157 Locke Street, Lockeport

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Lockeport Crescent Beach


Facing South - View from Lockport Crescent Beach Centre


Lockeport is a picturesque coastal town located on Nova Scotia's South Shore, Canada. Known for its natural beauty, charming atmosphere, rich maritime heritage and its beautiful beaches. Crescent Beach, often considered the town's gem, stretching for approximately 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) along the shoreline and offers a sandy oasis for sunbathing, beachcombing, and enjoying the sound of crashing waves. The beach gets its name from its distinctive crescent shape, and is backed by sand dunes covered in vibrant beach grass, adding to its relaxing and unspoiled environment.  A seascape scene based on a photograph of Crescent Beach was featured on the 1954 series $50 banknote.

 Lockeport hosts several events throughout the year that celebrate its heritage and culture. The Annual Lockeport Sea Derby, a fishing competition, draws participants and spectators alike. The Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women & Song celebrates women in the arts and features live music performances and workshops. Other attractive events are Lockeport July 1st Celebrations and annual Beach Bash!  


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