Truro Nissan

Highway 102, Exit 14A

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Truro Nissan


Facing South - View from the roof of Truro Nissan's showroom at Hwy 102, Exit 14A


Truro Nissan was newly opened in April of 2015. Its opening marked the return of Nissan to the Truro area as it had been many years since Nissan was represented in Colchester County. It is conveniently located on Highway 102 at exit 14A where it meets Highway 104. The location means that it is not only convenient for those living in areas close to the dealership like Truro, Onslow and Bible Hill but it is easily accessible to those passing by from places like Amherst, Antigonish and Enfield. Truro Nissan’s new vehicle inventory rivals most larger metro locations. It’s important to them that their customers have the selection they need to ensure they get the Nissan they want without having to compromise. The pre-owned inventory at Truro Nissan changes daily. You will probably never see 50 vehicles in their pre-owned inventory because they are picky and keep only the units they feel represent their commitment to quality and everything else is disposed of at auction. It is important to them that their customers feel confidence in the vehicle they have purchased or leased from Truro Nissan. Their pricing strategy is aggressive on both new Nissans and their pre-owned inventory. Truro Nissan consistently price their pre-owned inventory under market value. Getting their good, pre-owned vehicles into their customers hands as quickly as possible is a goal of Truro Nissan’s and they know that if they are overpriced this won’t happen. Truro Nissan orders their new Nissans for volume and price strong the first time. Their first offers are consistently stronger then the first offers of others and their sales volume along with the amount of their customers who are travelling from farther to do business with Truro Nissan is an indicator of this. They are convenient to deal with and work hard to ensure their customer gets the most value for their money while consistently selling their new and pre-owned vehicles at prices that most would agree are very aggressive. That’s a win-win-win.

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