South Queens Visitor Information Centre, Liverpool

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Facing West - Centennial Park, Privateer Park and the Mersey River


Picture yourself in Liverpool… paddling your canoe under spectacular sunsets, with two lush parks, a well travelled trail and the ever changing Mersey River as you can see, but there is so much more to our community. A growing shopping district with niche boutiques and everyday needs; a variety of dining experiences sure to satisfy your hunger and tickle your taste buds; live theatre and live music; a microbrewery and farmer’s market; a lighthouse welcoming seafarers to Liverpool Bay, where you can climb the tower and toot the fog horn; museums recounting the community’s privateering past as well as such noted local turned international stars as Hank Snow and Sherman Hines; and a wide array of festivals and events are all available in Liverpool. Nestled on the Mersey River, and located at Exit 19 on Highway 103 (just 90 minutes from Halifax and Yarmouth), Liverpool is a gateway to other communities within Queens County, where you will find beautiful white sand beaches, pristine wilderness areas, two National Parks, a wealth of arts and culture, and ongoing research as the entirety of the Region of Queens Municipality lying within the UNESCO designated Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve.


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