Windsor Salt Marsh

North of the causeway on Highway 101, Windsor

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Windsor Salt Marsh


Facing North - Share our view of the marsh as the tides rise and fall, the variety of birds come to feed, and the grass grows lush and green then disappears with the winter ice.


The Windsor Salt Marsh has been a topic of interest in Windsor and the surrounding area for decades. With the construction of Highway 101 some forty years ago it was decided that a causeway would be built to span the Avon River at Windsor. Over time the landmass which emerged north of the causeway has become the one of the most productive salt marshes in the world and an important feeding ground for shorebirds. Recently a group has come together to share the ecological benefits and the belief that the Windsor Salt Marsh has the potential to be a phenomenon of world class interest. The Windsor Salt Marsh may have been manmade but the enormous benefits it has on the local, national, and international environment are only beginning to be understood. This project was undertaken with the financial support of: Ce projet a été réalisé avec l’appui financier de:

Environment Canada

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